About Us

Boston Building Maintenance, LLC (BBM) is a local, 32BJ janitorial-service provider, owned and managed by the sister-brother team of Brittany Hampton and Jonathan Beale. BBM’s family-ownership structure is rooted in their parents’ entrepreneurial venture, a commercial cleaning company in a non-competing market. Through witnessing the professional success of their parents, they learned the importance of transparency, integrity, communication, and follow-through. These values are evident in how they treat their customers, employees and commitments.

Brittany founded BBM in early 2011, and Jonny joined as a managing partner because his cleaning experience and military leadership complimented Brittany’s property management and real estate background. BBM was awarded its first contract in the fall of that year, and has been growing ever since.


Brittany.jpgBrittany Hampton

Prior to forming BBM in 2011, Brittany Hampton worked for ten years in Boston’s residential then commercial real estate markets and during that time was named Property Manager of the Year by the Building Owners and Managers Association. Her experience as a property manager cultivated an understanding for what asset and property managers need to add value to their properties as well as make their day to day operations run smoothly. Brittany manages BBM’s business development and is actively involved in daily operations. She is a member of Milton Academy’s Orange and Blue Circle Alumni Committee and holds a Bachelors in Science from Boston University. She lives in Boston with her husband and two children.


Jonny.jpgJonathan Beale

Jonathan Beale joined BBM after coming off active duty orders with the United States Air Force Reserves in 2011. Jonny brings to BBM 15 plus years of commercial cleaning experience along with his leadership role as a Major and Aircraft Commander. He currently manages BBM’s operations while remaining a traditional reservist and flies the C-5 “Galaxy”. Jonny is an alumna of BC High School and holds a Bachelors in Science from St Louis University. He lives on the South Shore with his wife and three children.